Friday, December 9, 2016

Ok Ok I need to stop saying

Too long...but November went by in a blur...because of Thanksgiving and getting prepared for holiday events that I participated in. Wanted to make sure I had enough stock. So haven't done much painting, or tangling for fun...That being are some samples of what I have been doing and truth be told I probably won't update again until the New Year! So Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and Happy Holidays to All.
Thanks for checking me out..Look for more exciting new stuff in the new year.


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Be Blessed and see you in 2017

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Traveling and....

What can I say ...I have been a busy little woman...wasn't all doing art but just having fun and enjoying life!

First off we went to Atlantic City for a couple of days before heading to Cecil County Maryland for car show and meet. It was fun. Got to see and remember how I liked drag racing.

Atlantic City
Unfortunately, I don't have any of drag strip and racing..they are on hubby's next post I will include some of them.

Then we went to Vancouver Island, the beginning of month. I was privileged to experience a Canadian thanksgiving...much like ours with turkey and all the trimmings including stuffing!

Here is the link for some of those pictures:
Thanks to our fabulous hosts, Trevor and Wendy Pescud. Love you both!!

So what has all this to do with art...Not much I'm afraid although I did some experimenting with camera, picked up couple new brushes and pearlescent acrylics.
Here are some of tangles I did while away

I also did initials for everyone, which I didn't take pictures of...
I did some coloring while we had some down time at night while watching tv :)

And I gave one picture to my friend as she admired it.
That is all for now..I am home settling in for the winter. Although getting ready for some holiday shows where I will be selling my greeting cards. Should be fun!
Soooooooooooooo until next time..hope everyone is well and blessed!

Friday, September 23, 2016

Where does the time go....

Haven't been able to keep up with challenges or tangling on a regular basis. No art class oh what is a girl to do..LOL

So today and yesterday...that all changed I finally got some things done..
I will be showcasing my cards at a fall festival at a church in our area. So I have been trying to make some Christmas cards as well as regular alphabet cards...Also will be reopening my Etsy shop next week ...
Alas no painting, played around with distress inks..but that is definitely a work in progress..not quite getting it yet. Also still working with watercolor backgrounds and that is also a work in progress....Yet progress and practice is what makes things better..I am not even going to say perfect for I am far from that LOL

So in preparation for next trip in about a week I am taking the time to post some of my more recent art work...
Please be gentle in your comments....thanks

Playing with pencils, colored and watercolors...

Some of my latest Alphabet greeting cards..

My practice Christmas Greeting cards(very much works in progress)

Practice in watercolors..

And last but not least I did also do some coloring 

 I haven't been completely out of action...sketching, practicing and reading all have helped while I have not posted...I am going away again soon so it may be a while before my next post..So in the meantime be blessed and keep making art...

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Far too long...

And summer is about to end..UGH!! Although I am sure I will find plenty of inspiration in the upcoming fall and its wonderful tapestry of colors.

That being said small update on my current painting
Not real pleased at the moment...hopefully it will come together for me soon

Was able to make a couple of tiles while on vacation for my wonderful hosts, Patrick and Drew. They tried to show us around Miami in 3 days...LOL It was fun!! Thank you!
I kinda just practiced while away...
Then coming back I wanted to get back in swing of I did a couple of challenges..weekly, the diva and Square one Zentangle challenges

The diva challenge

Square one

Weekly Video...

Guess some of my practicing paid of..
I am also enamored of watercolor lately and am learning how to utilize them as well..
Yeah I know I need practice but here is a start LOL
And I am putting them out here which is very scary....

And lastly still working on my alphabet greeting cards..I think out of all I do, these give me the greatest pleasure. Each one different each one a masterpiece,,well at least in my mind. 
Next weekend I will be selling them at one of our local flea markets..and will be looking for other places as well. 
Here are some from my latest selection:

An eventful month, and looking forward to more challenges, more experimenting and more art!!!
Be blessed

Inktober completed...

From the 16th -30th This was some project but I got them done daily..Can't wait to do it again!! ...