Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Week of experimenting...

This has been a week of experimentation and practice with old and new mediums!
First, my art teacher, the wonderful talented Patti Gibbons, had us use charcoal in class last week..with her assist I came up with this:

and then in my practice on my own came up with this:
I know not as good as first but I was able to challenge myself in identifying lights and darks...more to come!  I like charcoal but it is messy LOL
Then made a couple more ZIA greeting cards..only showcasing a couple here that I just finished today:

Ok I am a little addicted to all this art stuff..and I belong to 2 subscriptions: Sketchbox and Scrawlrbox which deliver art supplies to you each month.
And I just played with a couple of items just to see what they did..not sure if I would use but it was fun to play...I am testing each of them for 3 months and see which one I like best and keep one and let one go..(maybe?? LOL) It is like Christmas once a month and really prices are not that bad..

In any case here are my play materials: Prismacolor marker, acrylic pen, various bombay inks and a pearlescent liquid acrylic:

Wow I haven't done a long post like this before...Maybe I should save something for next week!! Nah...
Also I belong to group where you are challenged to draw or letter daily and I really liked how this came out as I have difficult time drawing...
MY Rose
And last but not least...some zentangled gems...
Art wise it has been a busy well as the celebration of my younger son's 40th birthday(which I don't know how that happened, it seemed he was just a boy)..Today he and fiance are in Las Vegas having a great time I'm sure!
As usual, comments and thoughts are welcomed..
Have a blessed week and see you all soon!!

Thursday, April 14, 2016


This has been a good week...although my painting teacher had a problem getting back from California so no class this week. I really missed her and my fellow students. But I tried to work on my is the progress

It is coming together. I will be working on a series of butterflies next..Can't wait to get started.

Tangling has offered me some challenges but I was able to do a couple of them and a little extra gem.

So it has been a productive art week..
Looking forward to doing more and sharing with you!
Have a blessed week!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


I think my body rebelled after cleaning and all last week as this week I am sick with cold.
Haven't felt like doing very much...But I did get some tangling and coloring done. Alas no painting class as my teacher is away on vacation(in the warmth of California). I knew I should have gone too.
Oh well in any is a sampling of what I have done these last couple of days

So being sick wasn't a complete bust..Thanks for taking a peek at my humble art.
God bless and until next time!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Crash boom bang...

Well a project that I had been putting off because it seemed overwhelming got done this week with a little help from my cabinets...They were piled high with stuff for the last 15 years or so..finally gave way...So a whole lot of rearranging had to be done..I took everything off, and with hubby put it back together. Which prompted a cleaning and reorganization spurt, and I have things in place somewhat organized. And although you may not know it this is a HUGE improvement then what it looked like in past.
Even my desk is better as I have all my tools at my fingertips...
and its night but during day I will have plenty of sun coming through both windows now.
Even my computer desk got into shape...

and lastly my coloring bag that has all my coloring supplies which goes from room to room 
Which also on occasion will have my tangling supplies as well...
So it has been a busy couple of days..but oh so worth it.
My little corner of the world is at peace and so am I.
Have a blessed week all and see you soon with more tales of my new art life!

Inktober completed...

From the 16th -30th This was some project but I got them done daily..Can't wait to do it again!! ...