Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Week of experimenting...

This has been a week of experimentation and practice with old and new mediums!
First, my art teacher, the wonderful talented Patti Gibbons, had us use charcoal in class last week..with her assist I came up with this:

and then in my practice on my own came up with this:
I know not as good as first but I was able to challenge myself in identifying lights and darks...more to come!  I like charcoal but it is messy LOL
Then made a couple more ZIA greeting cards..only showcasing a couple here that I just finished today:

Ok I am a little addicted to all this art stuff..and I belong to 2 subscriptions: Sketchbox and Scrawlrbox which deliver art supplies to you each month.
And I just played with a couple of items just to see what they did..not sure if I would use but it was fun to play...I am testing each of them for 3 months and see which one I like best and keep one and let one go..(maybe?? LOL) It is like Christmas once a month and really prices are not that bad..

In any case here are my play materials: Prismacolor marker, acrylic pen, various bombay inks and a pearlescent liquid acrylic:

Wow I haven't done a long post like this before...Maybe I should save something for next week!! Nah...
Also I belong to group where you are challenged to draw or letter daily and I really liked how this came out as I have difficult time drawing...
MY Rose
And last but not least...some zentangled gems...
Art wise it has been a busy well as the celebration of my younger son's 40th birthday(which I don't know how that happened, it seemed he was just a boy)..Today he and fiance are in Las Vegas having a great time I'm sure!
As usual, comments and thoughts are welcomed..
Have a blessed week and see you all soon!!

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