Sunday, May 22, 2016

Happy Sunday...

Another full week of fun...creating and.....

I started Qi-chong a few weeks ago with friends and got my bFF Linda to go with me last week. We had a blast and then had a bite after..should have taken some pics LOL but I don't think either of us wanted to be seen before or after...

But then was busy helping out at Church couple of days this week, with the highlight of being a judge at our talent show last night. It was an experience and kudos to all those who got and displayed their talents.

In between I did have some time to create.
My butterfly is almost done

I think she is becoming her own species  beautiful...

My first tangle in a frame after experimenting and playing with frames..well actually this is just  mat board...yet I love the look

Here is the frame test..
Thanks Patti(my art teacher and friend) who is helping me explore ways to display my art!

Not much coloring this nothing to show but I did make a couple more cards..about ready to make my next move ..

Lastly a couple of tangles I did for challenges this week..

Weekly tangle Group on FB

Diva challenge(One of my fav)
And one for fun!
So this has been a tangling week..feels good and I love tangling...
Well that about sums it up for this week..Hey if you stop by, please leave comment so I can say hi back!
Have a great week..have fun and create!!!


  1. Love your blog! your art is really developing. I can really see your style....

    1. its me christine btw... never blogged before. Im sure there's a way to get my identity to show but i dont have the brain right now..

    2. look at that, i did have the brain waves.. xoxoxo

    3. I knew you could do it LOL love ya!


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