Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Slow week...

As I was ill most of last week and not up to creating much...and oh the horror I did not even go to paint class so I still have unfinished butterfly and now can't wait to get started on next...
I did have a wonderful play date with a wonderful certified zentangle teacher(CZT) Ann Clapper.
We had a wonderful time tangling talking and just getting to know each other. She helped me out with a couple of tangles that have alluded me and although they will probably never be my favs...at least I know I can do them...Here is one attempt after that day..

A tangle named auraknot and my wonky version.

And a tangleation of the nzeppel tangle with color

And she demonstrated a technique called 15 shades of gray which was an awesome technique and here is the result
Will definitely be looking into that more..isn't that cool.

And I made a couple of cards and will post next week as I didn't take any pics this week...

Did do some line making and sketching in my sketchbook nothing to show here but just trying to continue to improve my lines, shapes and colors...So it seems I did do more than I thought...Well that is all for today..
Have a blessed week and see you all soon!

P from
Art Central in Kingston 

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