Saturday, May 14, 2016

Where did the week go...

I felt that the time went by really fast and I had to find some time to be creative.
Although filled with good things,,,like a visit to Vanderbilt mansion/museum in Hyde Park Been in this area for almost 20 years and am missing some really good gems here. Will be making myself avail of them now...
In the interim I did get a couple of things done this week...My first butterfly painting is coming along nicely will post picture next week after some more work done.
My art teacher this week had us use our leftover paint to just play and experiment with color for the last few minutes of our session...This is what I came up with
Not finished but will see what next week brings..Thanks Patti, that was fun!!

Finished a couple of coloring projects, started with my friends at Serenity Scene, a boarding home for women in recovery here in Ulster County. Not many(if any)exist to help women to recover in a safe clean environment. If you want more info about house, leave comment and I will email you info.

And of course my tangling challenges and some alphabet cards...These were a challenge but lots of fun. 

Wow I got more done than I thought !
Have a blessed week and see you soon!

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