Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hazy hot days..

 A little I was preparing first draft I hit wrong key and lost all the work I had done...Typical for a hot hazy day LOL

In any case the last couple of weeks have been kinda busy...doing outdoor stuff, granddaughter visiting and then going to see son do his first standup comedy attempt..couple days in New Jersey and then home to stepdaughter being here...Whew!!!! I am ready for a vacation...oh wait I'm retired LOL

In any case some art stuff but not alot...

Couple of coloring pages I did with granddaughter while watching movies ...

Free form tangles in and out of sketchbook while traveling and at home..

Tangles for my weekly challenges

And an oldie that I put up at show at last minute

And that was about it...hope to have update on my still life next week..and more alphabet greeting cards done...In the mean time stay cool and be blessed!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July...
A small piece I worked on today using some new watercolors I received and didn't realize until I was done that it was red white and blue!

And excited as on Wednesday going to help hang pictures for Art show we are having in Rhinebeck, New York at the Starr Library..
Here is my contribution of my personal favorites , finally framed and ready for hanging!

My next painting, started with background..still life of orchids with made up background..

Another piece with watercolor background

And last but not least started a new alphabet this week...These are some of letters that are done

I have not done much coloring this week..and have not kept up with challenges...hopefully that will change next week. Where does time go..should be fun stuff coming as granddaughter coming to visit..
That's all I have this week. 
Have a safe holiday and a blessed week!!!

Inktober completed...

From the 16th -30th This was some project but I got them done daily..Can't wait to do it again!! ...