Thursday, September 1, 2016

Far too long...

And summer is about to end..UGH!! Although I am sure I will find plenty of inspiration in the upcoming fall and its wonderful tapestry of colors.

That being said small update on my current painting
Not real pleased at the moment...hopefully it will come together for me soon

Was able to make a couple of tiles while on vacation for my wonderful hosts, Patrick and Drew. They tried to show us around Miami in 3 days...LOL It was fun!! Thank you!
I kinda just practiced while away...
Then coming back I wanted to get back in swing of I did a couple of challenges..weekly, the diva and Square one Zentangle challenges

The diva challenge

Square one

Weekly Video...

Guess some of my practicing paid of..
I am also enamored of watercolor lately and am learning how to utilize them as well..
Yeah I know I need practice but here is a start LOL
And I am putting them out here which is very scary....

And lastly still working on my alphabet greeting cards..I think out of all I do, these give me the greatest pleasure. Each one different each one a masterpiece,,well at least in my mind. 
Next weekend I will be selling them at one of our local flea markets..and will be looking for other places as well. 
Here are some from my latest selection:

An eventful month, and looking forward to more challenges, more experimenting and more art!!!
Be blessed

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