Sunday, October 23, 2016

Traveling and....

What can I say ...I have been a busy little woman...wasn't all doing art but just having fun and enjoying life!

First off we went to Atlantic City for a couple of days before heading to Cecil County Maryland for car show and meet. It was fun. Got to see and remember how I liked drag racing.

Atlantic City
Unfortunately, I don't have any of drag strip and racing..they are on hubby's next post I will include some of them.

Then we went to Vancouver Island, the beginning of month. I was privileged to experience a Canadian thanksgiving...much like ours with turkey and all the trimmings including stuffing!

Here is the link for some of those pictures:
Thanks to our fabulous hosts, Trevor and Wendy Pescud. Love you both!!

So what has all this to do with art...Not much I'm afraid although I did some experimenting with camera, picked up couple new brushes and pearlescent acrylics.
Here are some of tangles I did while away

I also did initials for everyone, which I didn't take pictures of...
I did some coloring while we had some down time at night while watching tv :)

And I gave one picture to my friend as she admired it.
That is all for now..I am home settling in for the winter. Although getting ready for some holiday shows where I will be selling my greeting cards. Should be fun!
Soooooooooooooo until next time..hope everyone is well and blessed!

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