Friday, June 23, 2017

Priscilla DeConti CZT 28

Warning this post may be a little long :)

I landed in Providence, RI Sunday afternoon June 18 around 2:30 pm....My dear husband drove us from Kingston to this little town so I could attend the CZT Seminar...He had no idea of the significance but was glad he could help...Then him and his friend drove off to do some explorations of their own.
 Room not ready and I went to the 17th floor of the Providence Biltmore and my life will never be the same.!!!
Greeted by Sue, who I later found out is Maria's sister, she was bubbly, pleasant and eager to help me get my bearings. I received a bag with some goodies and was told to put my name on it as we all would receive one(I later found out that all 123 of us!).
I could go on and on...From the spectacular view from my room

To my fantastic roommate,Patrika on the left and now good friend Donna(meal partner)

to all the tangles I did some good some not so good :)

And of course the mosaics from all the work..I have a couple and pictures don't really do them justice!

To all the fabulous people I met from all over..and I hope I don't leave any out:
Florida, North Carolina, Texas, Korea, Czech Republic, Maryland, Wisconsin, Columbia, Australia,
Connecticut, Japan, New Jersey, Canada, Germany(Thailand), South Africa and New York !
Here is a sample

This seminar was so wonderful, from beginning to end. Fabulous food, fabulous learning, fabulous venue, and fabulous hosts!!!
I was fortunate to win one of the fantastic prints they were giving away..Almost went into shock when I heard my name!(I never win anything LOL)

And of course the fantastic student gallery with people bringing their masterpieces even before seminar started!

And Rick and Maria, the loving folks they are gave everyone a copy like this with a bit of everyone's work!

And the ending was bittersweet. I did not want it to end.Yet of course it did and the final moments as we each received our certificates. Hugs, smiles and tears...

So now I am home and I can hardly think of those days without tears flowing..ready to share with others what Zentangle is all about and how it has changed me forever!!

Thank you Rick and Maria for being such loving, kind people wanting to help and give others some peace and joy in their lives. One stroke at a time !!!

And now I am off to create!!!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sunday plus fun!

Hi all,
It has been an interesting few weeks.
I've done a couple of craft shows, some more money making than others, but all fun. Meeting new people visiting places I have not been. Also been to a couple of shows including the opening of my dear painting teacher and friend Patti Gibbons..will post link to her page later in the post. She is a wonderful artist who deserves all and more. Thanks Patti!

As for is my latest not complete but getting there....

My tangling fun

Watercolor practice

Exercises in Oil(leftover paint from paint class)

And my coloring :)

These are just a sampling of what I love to do..It is so much fun, peaceful and calming.
And I get to share it. 
Thanks for taking a look at my work..
Until next blessed and lots of hugs!!!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Lazy few days...

As I have been having back problems since Tuesday. Yet I have persevered and did art every day this week. Go ME!!!
Also have an opportunity to be in another craft show first week of May in Newburgh. Looking forward to that!

Here are some of the things I have been doing .
Just about finished painting, Thank you Laurel for a beautiful photo;

Practice in watercolor and colored pencil

Some tangling

And some greeting cards

And of course my nightly coloring :)

      And during my last walk(over a week ago) I treated myself to a beautiful bouquet.
And its about time for a new one! 
     Have a blessed day all...not sure when I will visit again but I will be sure to let you all know!

Priscilla DeConti CZT 28

Warning this post may be a little long :) I landed in Providence, RI Sunday afternoon June 18 around 2:30 pm....My dear husband drove us f...