Friday, March 3, 2017

And March begins!

I don't know what happens to time but I see it is not standing still....Life has been busy with good things! I am grateful to have art in my life really helps me to cope and to just be one with my Creator and the world. I don't post all I do...but I try to do something daily be it a small sketch or tangle or work on my skills in seeing as an artist.
That being said..I started a new oil painting this week...and with just the first background coat, I was reminded how much I really love oil painting(Thank you Patti for your patience) and am glad to be back doing it...
It is the first look..

And I tried to work on a piece in watercolor on my own...still in progress...I really see where my shapes and colors need practice...but moving on....

Next to watercolor and oil painting...I really love making greeting cards...
Here are a few of my recent ones!

And of course just plain ole' tangling

And a little coloring...

And I try to do a daily lettering exercise(Dawn Nicole's)
She is using colors this year and I chuckled at this one as me and my art teacher have been working on apples..

I Love my New Art is wonderful, glorious, and freeing!!!
I highly recommend "Its Never Too Late" by Julia Cameron(author of The Artist's Way) and even if you are not retired there is a lot to be learned. And thanks to our group leader, Patti Gibbons, artist and friend for leading us on another exciting journey of art and exploration!
I think that is enough from me today...Thanks for checking me out and please leave a comment below that you have visited me!!! 
Hugs and Blessings

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