Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sunday plus fun!

Hi all,
It has been an interesting few weeks.
I've done a couple of craft shows, some more money making than others, but all fun. Meeting new people visiting places I have not been. Also been to a couple of shows including the opening of my dear painting teacher and friend Patti Gibbons..will post link to her page later in the post. She is a wonderful artist who deserves all and more. Thanks Patti!

As for is my latest not complete but getting there....

My tangling fun

Watercolor practice

Exercises in Oil(leftover paint from paint class)

And my coloring :)

These are just a sampling of what I love to do..It is so much fun, peaceful and calming.
And I get to share it. 
Thanks for taking a look at my work..
Until next blessed and lots of hugs!!!

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