Diva challenge #285

Due to traveling and other incidents of summer, it seems I missed a couple of challenges...but I am glad I was able to do this one...
I finally took some quiet time..put on some Josh Groban(one of my favorite singers), sent hubby out to garage and sat down with this paper I found on my desk and began this step of my journey.
I took out an old book I had , "the art of zentangle" by "walter foster company" and began this piece of work. I also had a chance to review some of my previous "practice" in the book. :)
 Although it begged for color, I pushed to learn more about shading than color this time.
At first I was not thrilled with results.. before

but then I did some more work on it and am actually like the result.
It was fun and it got me in touch with why I liked tangling in the first place.
Thanks for looking!

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