Diva challenge #326

Thank you Elisa for this challenge. It could not have come at a better time..
I have always struggled to fit in, even today to some extent. Yet I have found the more I let go and just be me, the happier and more fulfilled I am. I work with women in recovery and I help teach them to be the best you they can be and sometimes I need to take my own advice.
So this exercise with one of my favorite(used to not be) tangles was just what the doctor ordered!
So I made little gems inside the pattern to signify the gems we all are!

Great challenge!


  1. What a sweet reason for those little gems, Priscilla, on your pretty tile!

  2. You took "Nzeppel and made it your own. Nice. Thank you for the work you do and for expressing it in your response to this week's challenge.


Inktober completed...

From the 16th -30th This was some project but I got them done daily..Can't wait to do it again!! ...